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Antelope Island Camping Sites

[UPDATE - I've updated my review below, check it out]


This is the camping area that we used. We went in summer and it was very hot, and we couldn't even build a fire due to fire restrictions at the time, so that bummed me out. We brought a propane stove to cook some hot chocolate / tea at night. But bugs got in it, so not sure if the bugs are just a summer thing or not.

During the day we went to the old farm house which thankfully has a lot of trees, ahhh shade. There was even some deer wandering around, cool to see. There was some activites going on at the farm that day. You can make candles, make a doll, other craft stuff. We saw several buffalo around the island. We even heard a coyote howl at night!

There is hiking there, but we wimped out because it was 100 degree weather.

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Great place

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Reviewed by Jason Falke
November 05, 2011
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I just love the place and I will come back soon.


Beatiful Island - Biting midges can be annoying

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Reviewed by James
April 16, 2009
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Last updated: June 18, 2012
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Not the best place to camp during the summer. We are going to camp there this May, so I'll updated this review after my trip.


We went May 1st weekend for camping and the biting midges are out in full force it was so annoying. They fly around you none stop. Flying into your face, even the bug spray we had didn't help much. About 30 minutes after we got there some Boy Scouts arrived. They hated the brine flies too. They tried to walk away from there camp site to get away from them.

Then I heard one of the boys scream "I wannna die!". That was funny to hear because I was about to scream out loud myself.

But my wife somehow manage to cook us dinner with tin foil over the pots and not one fly got into our food. She is truly amazing.

To get away from the biting midges for a bit we took a drive around the island. By the time we got back it was getting dark and the flies actually died down a little. So we lit a fire, and that keep them away very well. At that point it was very relaxing, roasting marshmallows, chatting, listening to the wildlife.

The next morning it was raining heavily and our tent was leaking in some spots. So we choose to pack it up sadly. One plus about a little rain though, the brine flies go away.

We choose to drive around the island to see some of the wildlife. This was the first time I've even seen an antelope on the island oddly enough. I usually just see buffalo. There was a big heard of antelope in the distance. Then some right off the road too.

We had binoculars, so we could get a good look at them, very fun, that along made the trip worth it. We also saw a coyote cross the road! First time I've seen one of those. There where also several hairs (rabbits) by the camp grounds too.

We didn't have any good rain gear for hiking that day or else we would have. There is a huge part of the island that you can't see unless you hike to the top of the mountain.

There are big horn sheep on the island too. Then bald eagles visit the island in I think April or March. So plenty of reason to visit the island. So we will be going back, it's a fun place (other than the brine flies).

So spring camping, sucks because of the brine flies. Summer camping is to hot out there. We may try fall camping and see what that's like.

It's a very beautiful island, more so in Spring.

[Update June 2010]

Went back to camp again, but this time with a motor home. This time is was slightly rainy and a little windy which I thought was nice because it kept the bugs away. Weird thing was you still couldn't build a fire which bummed me out. It rained pretty heavy the night before too.

We got up early to see if we could see any wildlife. We managed to see 2 coyote, a herd of pronghorn, and some buffalo. There is a owl that lives out on the farm, but we couldn't spot it this time. Overall it was a great trip, I'll have to borrow the motor home for next time. Makes it much more enjoyable out there honestly.

There is a trail up the mountain there, we took the shorter one this time. Very fun hike, got very close to a pronghorn. About 30 feet I'd say. Once we got to the top of that trail it was fun to sit up there and feel the wind on our face and look over the island from up high.

Best times to visit are spring and fall there I think.