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A Thousand Splendid Suns

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ISBN 1594489505
Author Khaled Hosseini

Propelled by the same superb instinct for storytelling that made The Kite Runner a beloved classic, A Thousand Splendid Suns is at once an incredible chronicle of thirty years of Afghan historyand a deeply moving story of family, friendship, faith, and thesalvation to be found in love.

Born a generation apart andwith very different ideas about love and family, Mariam and Laila aretwo women brought jarringly together by war, by loss and by fate. Asthey endure the ever escalating dangers around them-in their home aswell as in the streets of Kabul-they come to form a bond that makesthem both sisters and mother-daughter to each other, and that willultimately alter the course not just of their own lives but of the nextgeneration. With heart-wrenching power and suspense, Hosseini shows howa woman's love for her family can move her to shocking and heroic actsof self-sacrifice, and that in the end it is love, or even the memoryof love, that is often the key to survival.

A stunning accomplishment, A Thousand Splendid Suns is a haunting, heartbreaking, compelling story of an unforgiving time, an unlikely friendship, and an indestructible love.

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Reviewed by Clara
April 14, 2009
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Last updated: April 14, 2009
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This book completely transported me to this beautiful land that has been so tortured by ruthless men. I feel greatly indebted to Mr. Hosseini for opening my eyes and heart to the beauty and sadness that is Afghanistan. The human element is so pure in the characters, it opens the window to their joy and suffering. This is a wonderful book to bring understanding about the current and past political events in Afghanistan, and the struggles and triumphs of its peoples. I was also very impressed with the way the struggles, rules, discrimination and pain that the women of the country have been burdened with are so eloquently brought to life; and also the images of different men in the country, how some uphold and savor tyrannical treatment of women, and others are brave and see, know and cherish the women for the jewels that they are.