TUF SHINE Tire Dressing Hot

TUF SHINE Tire Dressing
TUF SHINE Tire Dressing

This is really a amazing product. It does take some time for the first application. Make sure to clean your tires very, very well before hand. Follow the instructions exactly! Make sure the bubbles are white.

I actually recommend removing the tire or at least jacking it up so the tire does not touch the ground so you get it all covered evenly. It really does last, I had it on one car that was in storage over the winter. And the tires looked exactly the same as when I first put it on!

So for daily driver cars, check it off and on for touch ups if necessary. Things that would cause touch up maybe driving into a curb would remove some of it. Or rocks from the road, etc. You can wash it with any worry of it coming off either!

After it dries which does not take long, it's smooth and clean to the touch. It's fun to show off to your friends :)

Photos attached are a before and after.


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Reviewed by James
March 04, 2009
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Great stuff, even works on white walls! Best tire shine product hands down.