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CC VIVID Plus LED Light Bulb

I really wanted to like this light bulb for many reasons. Less power, much longer life, coolness factor, and safer. But this light simply doesn't put out the same amount of light as a normal light bulb, and it's a very white light which is strange in a house. At least they have lowered the price.

But they have a new LED light bulb that is supposed to be just like a normal lightbulb, but all LED! It's called a GEOBulb, right now the only thing stopping me is the price, right now it's $119.95! But every time I check off and on, it's always sold out. So it must be a major improvement! It comes in 3 colors: Cool White, Soft White, Warm White. Warm White I'd imagine would be just like a normal light bulb.

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Great first step.

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Reviewed by James
January 02, 2009
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Last updated: September 22, 2009
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Not bright enough to as a primary light source, it's better used as accent lighting than a primary light.