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ISBN 0395904935
Author Harriet Ziefert

Introducing the charming and lovable Elomenopeo--no ordinary cat. Elomenopeo has a strict daily routine. First he goes outside to play in the garden and to wistfully observe the flying birds, then he curls up for a nap and his favorite dream. But one morning his schedule is completely thrown off. His cat door is closed for repairs, leaving the adventuresome Elomenopeo trapped inside. Bored, he prowls from room to room, until he spots an easel and a box of paints. Suddenly he is struck with an idea, and he dons a smock and begins to paint. Elomenopeo paints his favorite dream, which transcends reality and joins the world of birds. In this whimsical story, illustrated with fresh colorful paintings, an irrepressible little cat soars as high as his dreams. Young children will relate to Elomenopeo's security in his scheduled day, his dismay at being stuck inside, and the way he uses his imagination as a means of escape.

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A Cat With Spirit!

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Elemenopeo is delightful! Wonderfully vibrant illustrations charm child and adult alike. The text is fun - I quite like the thought of a cat enjoying lox and cream cheese. And yes, even the tail on the cover brings a chuckle to the heart.