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s the pioneering company for passenger balloon rides in the Moab/Canyonlands area, we are proud to offer you a unique and unforgettable balloon adventure. Imagine ascending to greet the sunrise as you drift among geologic wonders that were being created when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The fragile sandstone of Arches National Park and precarious rock towers drift past, each one defying gravity with you. Across the horizon, the 13,000 foot La Sal Mountains cast a long shadow upon the town of Moab and Canyonlands National Park. The pilot and the winds navigate to your own personal destination, your mind and camera alive with images that will last a lifetime.

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Thrill of a lifetime, we would definitely go again

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Reviewed by Rose
July 20, 2011
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Last updated: July 20, 2011
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Every one should experience the amazing experience of traveling in a hot air balloon at least once in their life! This sentiment was what prompted me to contact the Canyonlands Ballooning company. I wanted to plan it as a belated birthday surprise for my unsuspecting husband ;) Sandra was fabulous with helping me work out all the details, a true pleasure to deal with both on the phone and by email.

I have heard that a lot of balloon rides consist of going straight up, maybe hovering a dozen feet to the side, and then coming straight back down. Well let me tell you that is not what you get here! This experience is a full blown journey and adventure. The balloons flight path is in the hands of the wind, so they never know where they will land. And what better place to fly than over the surreal and mesmerizing landscape of Southern Utah.

We arrived at the meeting place - very easy to find!, and met our group. This was when I admitted to my husband that I had not woken him at 5am to go for a "special hike". We boarded the van that took us to the take off point where we were able to watch as the balloon was filled. So cool!

The balloon swiftly ascended into the heavens, smooth and fast, like a celestial elevator. Then we were off. I believe Lou said we were moving along in about 15 mph winds, but it doesn't feel windy at all as you are moving with it. The stability of the basket is very reassuring - I am afraid of heights, but I was very comfortable the whole time.

Our particular flight took off from the Dalton Wells area I believe, and then we flew West, Southwest.

Lou is the best pilot ever, so friendly and personable. He told us about all the canyons and other formations we were flying over. One very exciting thing is that you don't fly really high the whole time. Lou uses his skill to take the balloon real low, just above the tree tops in a magical glide. Suddenly a canyon might drop out below you in all its' grandeur. One of the most memorable parts of our flight was when Lou flew us down into the canyon and then back up the other side, the skillful flying whispered us close to the wall and whisked us out of the canyon without skimming a tree or rock - truly magic!

Lou prepared us all on how to hold on for the landing. We landed right at the edge of the road where the crew was radioed to pick us up. Then the balloon scooted us across the road and tipped slowly sideways so it was easy to climb out. What a blast! We were all laughing, it was so much fun.

We had a lovely champagne and/or sparkling juice toast to celebrate the landing.

This was so amazing and photos and memories to last our whole lives. Not only that, my husband and I are really anxious to fly with Lou again.

Bottom line, this was worth every penny, was a highly enjoyable and memorable experience, and we can hardly wait to do it again!!